98% of Us Think We Are a Safer Driver Than Average

In a recent survey conducted by Direct Line 98 per cent of people surveyed thought they were a safer driver than the average person.

From the driving around the country I do, there must be some terrible drivers on the road if some of these 98% think that they are better than average.

This 98 per cent of people must never drive on the motorway using the second or third lane as their own personal driving lanes or ever approach roundabouts in the wrong lane and cut people up travelling in the left-hand lane to turn right.

A constant campaign of mine is for the police to use their powers to stop vehicles, then to educate them, as opposed to simply enforcing speeding tickets or speeding offences.

This does give road traffic and drink driving solicitors a regular source of income which in itself irritates the police no end but surely if they use their powers to stop people and highlight to them that they are not better than the average road user, then people might drive safer and therefore traffic offences would decrease.

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