Average Speed Camera’s Hit London Streets

London motorists beware; it’s no longer the icy roads you have to fear as the capital’s first urban ‘average speed’ cameras are switched on!

Installed mainly on the UK’s motorways and generally perceived more positively than the ‘covert’ speedtrap GATSO, do not underestimate these wolves in sheep clothing. With a bite more costly than their growl, these new cameras are located on the A13 to the east of London.

Placed along a seven-and-a-half mile stretch of road, there are an unfathomable 37 individual cameras just waiting to catch you out. That’s a speed camera every 357 yards! And who said money doesn’t grow on trees?

Speaking of money, I was shocked and appalled to learn that local authorities have snared an estimated £400m from what are described as ‘middle-class fines’.

Of those fines, I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise to hear that £330m consists of parking offences whilst speeding fines generated £100m. With over 34m registered vehicles on the road, that’s an average of £12.65…I expect there might be the odd repeat offender clocking up a fair few points by now.

Since these funds have been raised by us, the British motorist, perhaps we should have a say on where the money is spent? May I be the first to suggest sufficient salt and grit supplies for our roads…after all, a speed camera’s sole purpose is to reduce accidents of course.

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