Claim Firms Target Road Crash Victims

What hypocrisy on behalf of the government.  They continue to bang on about claims management firms encouraging victims of road traffic accidents to make claims for compensation indicating that this aggressive marketing tactic from claims management firms generally increases insurance premiums for the average motorist.

It was recently revealed in a survey that the Great British Police Service is actually selling details of accident victims to claims management firms for a fee.  Perhaps the government could get its own house in order and manage its own employees before it has the audacity to criticise the very market it is buying in to.

John O’Roarke the Managing Director of LV Car Insurance has recently indicated that the heavy handed tactics of claim management companies has resulted in record levels of compensations for whiplash and other personal injuries despite accident rates falling.  All of this seems to be encouraged not only by avaricious greedy lawyers but also police services trying to cash in on the insurance market.

If the government is so against the aggressive actions of claims management companies then perhaps it should not condone and encourage its own departments to make money from it.

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