Drink Driving Convictions May Cost You More Than You Think

Having a good lawyer on hand may be more important than you think as a new survey finds that drink driving convictions may affect your wallet in more ways than one.

A study from a leading comparison website has revealed that a motorist caught driving or even attempting to drive while over the drink-drive limit could face increases in their insurance premiums of over 80 per cent if they are convicted of the offence.

And some drivers punished in this way may see their car insurance quotes double, or may even be deemed to be uninsurable.

Andy Leadbetter, head of insurance at the comparison site, said: “Even if you are over the limit by just a small amount, finding yourself uninsurable will be a huge blow, especially alongside the £1,000 fine, 12 month ban and possible prison sentence.”

However, in many cases, a good lawyer may be able to ensure that you don’t lose your license or even be convicted of drink driving. Chris Sweetman a specialist drink drive lawyer at Sweetmans Solictors says “The police and prosecuting authorities must follow strict procedures at the roadside and in the police station in relation to your legal rights and failure to follow these rules may result in the case being thrown out.”

“Compliance with procedures set out in legislation and the correct operation of specified and approved equipment is essential and it is this area that often causes the prosecution problems. In addition, the prosecuting authorities don’t always introduce their evidence in the correct way and this can prove fatal to some prosecutions.”

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