How not to Avoid Speeding Tickets

Recently Roger Moore appeared before Plymouth Crown Court for attempting to pervert the course of justice in relation to a speeding allegation.  He was accused of doing 51 in a 40 and faked CCTV images of a hire car outside his house at the time of the alleged offence.

What a stupid man.  Did he not think the police would be suspicious at the material time of a speeding allegation at a time when he did not think there would be any relevance to it he was actually taking photographs of himself posing next to the hire car on his drive.

He was exceptionally looking not to be sent to prison immediately for this and he should have realised that his actions were always bound to find him out.  Do not people realise that when motorists come up with the most amazing farfetched and ludicrous to believe explanation as to why they were not travelling 11mph over the speed limit, somebody in the police might have heard it all before and begin to investigate.  This was obviously going to get detected just like many of the people who phone me up and tell me that the person who was driving has now left the country and gone back to live in Nigeria, Pakistan or today, Canada and that they just happen to be driving a car registered to somebody who lives in England months ago but they have now disappeared beyond the jurisdiction.  The police have many ways of getting round this ruse so if you need help with a speeding case pick up the phone and ask a lawyer.  Do not make matters worse by trying to kid the authorities.

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