Killing Police Officers

Following yesterday’s tragic shooting of two Greater Manchester Police Officers politicians jump on the bandwagon and come out with sound-bites to appease the public.  The tragic events of yesterday are harrowing for all concerned particularly the family of the deceased officers.  Everybody’s sympathy goes out to the families of the two murdered officers who in reality were simply doing their job.  Nobody deserves to die routinely going about their daily work-life.

However the calls for the re-introduction of the death penalty for killing police officers by politicians at this particular time is sound-biting in the extreme and particularly distasteful.  Trying to make yourself look tough on law and order at a time of such tragedy is self-serving in the extreme.  If these political animals were genuinely in favour of the death penalty why not leave it until some time down the line and genuinely have an open debate about whether or not the death penalty should be re-introduced.

Everybody’s sympathies lie with the murdered officers’ families and they should be left to come to terms with their tragic loss rather than people trying to score points and make themselves look good.

On another note more political sound-biting from Chris Grayling the new Minister for Justice indicating as everybody likes to hear that foreign nationals convicted of crimes in the UK should be sent home to their country of origin to serve their sentence.  He also expressed a view for more rehabilitation for offenders in this country.

Again this is political opportunism masquerading as cost-cutting.  Yes it would be good for all foreign nationals to be sent home but why not just say you are trying to avoid spending any more money on prisons by suggesting rehabilitation of offenders in the community is a good way forward.  Most people would feel if somebody deserves to go to prison they deserve to go to prison rather than dumbing down of the criminal justice system to avoid cost.

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