Police in Disarray

No doubt you will have recently seen on the news police officers marching because they have not been given a pay rise for three years.  Perhaps if they actually did a days work to justify the amount of pay that they get that would consider them as justifiable candidates for pay rises.

Nothing is now investigated.  The whole ethos of the Court is for a brief summary to be provided and hopefully people will plead guilty.  The police do not do anything to investigate crime and therefore why should they be given a pay rise.  The only crimes that are detected are when members of the public grass up individuals or alternatively crimes are detected by forensic science.

They complain that their numbers are being reduced and taken over by civilians.

What is wrong with some of the jobs that they are doing being given to civilians?  Clearly it is better value for money for somebody in the custody office whose job is simply to open and close cell doors not to be given the full police officer’s 30 year salary together with pensionable rights.

It is unconscionable that these people feel that they should not have their jobs looked at in terms of value for money when the rest of the private sector is forced to deal with the economic reality of the modern world.

PS:  The same also applies to nurses.

Also the recent debate about having to do a fitness test cannot be a bad idea if they want to be frontline officers.  The phrase “who ate all the pies” was created when a fat police officer walked around the touchline in front of jeering fans who coined the phrase from gallows humour.  It is about time the police did take their share of cuts and they should stop pretending that they are being picked on.

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