Speeding Solicitors

You can’t travel anywhere these days without the presence of some kind of speed camera or speed detection device and whereas road safety is of paramount importance, cameras are a great means of generating revenue.

Whether you have been driving for forty years with a clean licence or are on the verge of being disqualified, we can help you.

Very often, the police and the prosecuting authorities don’t follow the guidelines that they should in terms of operating their equipment, they don’t carry out the checks that they should and when they do, these are often not presented correctly or may be the subject of a legal argument to challenge their validity.

Knowing how to challenge this evidence is important – you don’t have to wait to be summonsed. Even if you think you may have been caught by a camera, it may be very important to check the signs and road markings as soon as possible, even by taking photographs.

If you wait for a summons, any weaknesses in the prosecutions case may have been addressed.

Depending on where you are driving, the alleged speed and the type of vehicle you are driving, a prosecution could have a great impact on you and your family, especially if it means that you may lose your licence.

Even if you haven’t received a summons but think you may have been caught by a speed detection device, why not phone us now to discuss it?